SeAMK RDI partnership model

By EcoAction at August 21st, 2023

Seinäjoki University of Applied sciences is visiting local South Ostrobothnian companies in order to tour and bring information about the development and innovation activities offered to companies by SeAMK. SeAMK is already known as the best University of Applied Sciences in Finland for students, but the goal is also to raise the service offering and awareness for companies to a new level. This is done by creating a RDI partnership model between the university and organizations, where mutual benefit and concreteness meet. The experiences gained during the project will be refined to suit SeAMK's operations, but the aim is also to provide information and results to other higher education institutions in order to develop their own operations. The most important thing is the mutual desire to gain and share knowledge. 

Companies still value personal and direct contact. Therefore, all contacts in the RDI partnership project are based in one way or another on direct personal contacts, usually face-to-face in the company's own premises. During the RDI partnership project, companies and entrepreneurs from all sectors have been met. Most commonly, they have been South Ostrobothnian companies employing 5-10 people, with a turnover of 1-10 million euros.

The RDI partnership model will also target larger and smaller companies in the future, because it is important for higher education institutions to understand the entirety of the business ecosystem. The long-term goal of the RDI partnership model is to find completely new companies who want to commit to becoming a developer partner of SeAMK. The purpose is to provide mutual benefit, with the aim of strengthening the research, development and innovation activities of companies and universities.