Sales Training for Startups

By EcoAction at June 4th, 2023

Selling is an art that revolves around asking the right questions. However, determining what those questions are can be challenging. Tom Jehle addresses this crucial aspect in an interactive workshop hosted by the EcoAction partner FHV in collaboration with EcoAction.

Throughout the workshop, conducted on the 24th January 2023, participants had the opportunity to enhance their selling skills and learn effective strategies for successfully pitching their ideas, products, or projects to customers. The workshop focuses on several key objectives: developing a compelling conversation starter, crafting a conversation script, and mastering the art of asking pertinent questions during interactions.

Furthermore, this training program equips participants with innovative solutions and fosters creative thinking, enabling them to embark on future endeavors with confidence. By acquiring these skills, participants will positively influence those around them and gain the tools necessary to effectively communicate their startup ideas to potential customers.