Cities and Territories of the Future Award gives an honorable mention to UBI's startup, DeepNeuronic

By EcoAction at May 10th, 2023

The winners of the second edition of the Cities and Territories of the Future Award, which distinguishes pioneering technology-based projects and solutions in seven different categories, with the ability to make cities and territories more livable, sustainable and economically viable, have already been announced. The winners were announced this Tuesday, at the 32nd Digital Business Congress, by APDC.

Health and well-being; equality and inclusion; mobility and logistics; relationship with citizens and participation; economic development; and sustainability, circular economy and decarbonization' were the categories competing. Some also gave rise to honorable mentions.

It is worth highlighting in the category 'Mobility and Logistics', the honorable mention awarded to our partner UBI, UBImedical incubated company - DeepNeuronic. DeepNeuronic's area of activity focuses on the automatic detection and recognition of dangerous events and abnormal human behavior for public safety and protection. The goal is to increase the sustainability of video surveillance systems, reducing the high resources required, through computer vision algorithms in real-time video processing. Due to the learning flexibility of the DeepNeuronic system, it easily adapts to various sectors, such as security (from municipalities to camera manufacturers), transportation (from road traffic to subways and airports) and retail and commercial (from supermarkets to shopping centers), among others.

Congratulations to the startup founders Bruno and Vasco!

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