Lunch 2 Grow and Press Conference

By EcoAction at June 11th, 2024

The vision of the EcoAction project is to strengthen the entrepreneurial role of universities, transfer knowledge and technologies to founders, businesses, industry, politics, and society, and to utilize the potential for innovation to directly contribute to economic development.

As part of the EcoAction project, we actively supported the Fempower community and helped shaping it into a key player in the start-up landscape. Despite advancing gender equality, women continue to face challenges that make it difficult to realize entrepreneurial projects or major career goals. The Fempower Community aims to support women with these challenges. Various self-efficacy skills are taught through training, workshops and a 9-month mentoring program.

The non-profit initiative was founded as a result of the realization that many women doubt or even fail to implement their plans despite having a strong inner drive and ambition. The initiative helps to break down career-specific barriers that stand in the way of women‘s professional careers. By providing targeted support and building networks, the community helps to bring women into leadership positions and strengthen their self-efficacy. This is not only beneficial for personal development, but also for the successful imple-mentation of digital transformation in companies.

Keynote Speaker: Diana Eglseder

Language: English


Event details

Start date
2024. Jun .19. 12:00 (Wednesday)
End date
2024. Jun .19. 12:45 (Wednesday)