Pitch Clinic for young entrepreneurs

By EcoAction at March 31st, 2023

On March 28th, a session regarding “Young Entrepreneurship” was held at the Auditorium of the Engineering Faculty of the University of Beira Interior (UBI). The session, organized by “Happy Wish”, a junior initiative of social scope constituted by students of UBI, was intended to allow students to dissipate some doubts regarding entrepreneurship and pitching. During the session, a “Pitch Clinic” was held by the UBImedical’s team (the team from the business incubator of UBI), with this “Pitch Clinic” being developed in association with the EcoAction Project, an EIT HEI initiative, supported by EIT Manufacturing, and coordinated by EIT Raw Materials, which intends to leverage institutions’ entrepreneurial and innovation knowledge models.

During the “Pitch Clinic”, several themes were approach, from how to be prepared for a pitch, to storytelling, and finalizing with an exercise which made teams step out from their comfort zone and pitching in front of their colleagues. During the exercise all teams understood that discomfort is mutual and that it can be worked in order to be better prepared when having to attend to a pitch, even if it isn’t in front of investors. At the end of the “Pitch Clinic” there was a Q&A regarding pitching, as well as how to develop entrepreneurial ideas and move them from paper to practice.