EcoAction participated in the Megatrends 2023 publishing event

By EcoAction at March 10th, 2023

EcoAction joined the Sitra`s Megatrends publishing event in the campus of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences in Finland. The auditorium was filled by local companies and people interested in societal developments.

Megatrends 2023 describe the overall picture of changes through five themes: nature, people, power, technology and economy. The review of 2023 focused on the overall picture of the future development curves from the perspective of Finland. The aim is to provide an overview of the trends affecting our future and thus enable different future reflections, discussions and impacting on our futures but also provide understanding at a time of surprises: what has already changed, how are the current changes interlinked and what is possible to influence?

Megatrends illustrate major, long-term phenomena that change slowly, are often interlinked and cannot be transformed in an instant. Published megatrends are the nature’s carrying capability degrades, the challenges of well-being is growing, the struggle of democracy hardens, the competition for digital power is intensifying and the foundations of the economy are cramped. The review also outlined various possible futures, because although the challenges are great, a different, hopeful future is possible. Published opportunities are ecological reconstruction, global well-being, new ways to influence technology - fair digital world, renovative and renewable economy, circular economy and well-being as an investment.

EcoAction, with its aim to strengthen higher education support for business startup and growth, is active in promoting foresight and impact analysis in business planning and education.

Sitra’s operations are funded by the returns from its capital originally granted by the Finnish Parliament. Sitra`s operations give Finland an opportunity to increase well-being, play a pioneering role and generate new business.