Changemaker Program Workshop 2

By EcoAction at May 24th, 2024

It took place at the Elementary School Haselstauden on the 17th of May 2024 and four hours. The target group of this event were children between 9 and 12 years.

The workshop began with a short reflection. at the last workshop, the children presented the products they wanted to sell at the marketplace.

The children were then introduced the concepts of costs and income and how the selling prices for the market are made up.

After the break, we did a role play with the children about sales talks, for this purpose one child was a buyer and the other a seller and to make this role play more challenging, certain situations were added, such as pushy seller, unfriendly customer.

Finally, the topic of nervousness was addressed and everything important for the market day on 22.05.2024 was discussed, as the children will be selling the products they have created there.

This event had a positive impact on the participants because the children learned things about costs and incomes and learned how to produce and sell goods.